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Тег: Chernigov L. M.

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81/6, Kanatnaya Street. A former building of the administration of Pavlovskiy houses complex with low-cost apartments

It had taken a decade and a half from the end of the building number 5 construction before the ensemble of Pavlovskiy houses with low-cost apartments was supplemented with the last building — the number

91, Bolshaya Arnautskaya. M. Sapozhnik’s house with apartments for rent

The small house, occupying half of the standard size site in the facade width on the building line, has characteristic features that are inherent in creative work of Leonid Chernigov

37, Pushkinskaya Street. Apartment house of K. Asvadurov

Sprung up in 1914 at a crossroad of Pushkinskaya and Troickaya Streets, a huge apartment house of Asvadurov K