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Тег: Neorenaissance

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12, Bunina Street. Building of Joint-Stock Company of Odessa private pawnshop

A huge monumental structure, built in 1905 for Odessa private pawnshop, can be called one of the most striking constructions in Odessa citing Italian Renaissance

91, Bolshaya Arnautskaya. M. Sapozhnik’s house with apartments for rent

The small house, occupying half of the standard size site in the facade width on the building line, has characteristic features that are inherent in creative work of Leonid Chernigov

16, Marazlievskaya Street. J. Morton’s mansion with apartments for rent

Julia Morton’s mansion is not considered as one of the most impressive buildings on Marazlievskaya Street, but its refinement and subtle blend of styles always attract attention...

28, Marazlievskaya. Mansion of I. I. Mendelevich

The mansion of Mendelevich, masterly combining features of Art Nouveau and Renaissance, strikes with its decoration and design for over 100 years and remains one of the peaks of the creative work of V

14а, Marazlievskaya Street. Apartment house of М. О. Mendelevich

Marzalievskaya Street is one of architectural conservation areas of Odessa center. Variety of styles here is plethoric and fantasy of an architect creates a real spectacular sight in stone