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Тег: Art Nouveau

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5, Lermontovskiy Lane. Mansion of E. Y. Mesner

One of the most little-studied buildings of an architect E. Y. Mesner in Odessa at the current address 5, Lermontovskiy Lane has been preserved perfectly well

12, Bunina Street. Building of Joint-Stock Company of Odessa private pawnshop

A huge monumental structure, built in 1905 for Odessa private pawnshop, can be called one of the most striking constructions in Odessa citing Italian Renaissance

32, Panteleymonovskaya Street. Apartment house of Shykhman

The apartment house of Shykhman is one of the durable and reliable houses of the rational Art Nouveau period of the 1910s years, when texture and sketchiness became the most important ways of exterior...

2, Marazlievskaya Street. Apartment house of М. Lutskiy

At the corner of Marazlievskaya Street and Nakhimova Lane a real masterpiece of early, as period concerns, and mature in Art Nouveau content rises