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Тег: brick style

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5, Lermontovskiy Lane. Mansion of E. Y. Mesner

One of the most little-studied buildings of an architect E. Y. Mesner in Odessa at the current address 5, Lermontovskiy Lane has been preserved perfectly well

10, Bolshaya Arnautskaya Street. Apartment house of P. M. Mavromatis

The apartment house of P. Mavromatis, as it befits constructions built in the so-called «brick style», gives an impression of good quality and durability

Lutheran Church during the Soviet period

In February 1920, power of the Bolsheviks was established in Odessa, and in October 1921, a special committee withdrew church registers of births, which had been conducted since 1820

68, Novoselskogo Street. St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (Kirche) and the parsonage

Cruel fate fell to one of the most significant objects of historical center of Odessa — St. Paul’s Lutheran Church