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6, Marazlievskaya Street. Dwelling house of PI-3 employees

Before a huge dwelling house «Patrician» on the corner of Bazarnaya and Marazlievskaya Streets was erected in the 2000-s years, a small house of employees of the city Project Institute by address 6...

16, Marazlievskaya Street. J. Morton’s mansion with apartments for rent

Julia Morton’s mansion is not considered as one of the most impressive buildings on Marazlievskaya Street, but its refinement and subtle blend of styles always attract attention...

2, Marazlievskaya Street. Apartment house of М. Lutskiy

At the corner of Marazlievskaya Street and Nakhimova Lane a real masterpiece of early, as period concerns, and mature in Art Nouveau content rises

28, Marazlievskaya. Mansion of I. I. Mendelevich

The mansion of Mendelevich, masterly combining features of Art Nouveau and Renaissance, strikes with its decoration and design for over 100 years and remains one of the peaks of the creative work of V

34b, Marazlievskaya Street. Apartment house of I. Margulis

The apartment house of I. Margulis at the corner of Marazlievskaya Street and Sabanskiy Lane belonging to the typical multi-family residential buildings of the 1910s is a vivid example of prevailing at that

14а, Marazlievskaya Street. Apartment house of М. О. Mendelevich

Marzalievskaya Street is one of architectural conservation areas of Odessa center. Variety of styles here is plethoric and fantasy of an architect creates a real spectacular sight in stone