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New Lutheran Church of St. Paul

Among the submitted 4 projects for the competition, the project of the architect Hermann-Karl Shevrembrandt

German medieval temples-prototypes of Odessa Lutheran Church

For the architect G. K.Shevrembrandt apparent prototypes were the famous Romanesque churches in Germany

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St. Paul’s Church restoration

Shortly before the collapse of the USSR, Wiedergeburd («Revival») society, which later became the first union of the German national and cultural minorities in the former Soviet Union

Lutheran Church during the Soviet period

In February 1920, power of the Bolsheviks was established in Odessa, and in October 1921, a special committee withdrew church registers of births, which had been conducted since 1820

68, Novoselskogo Street. St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (Kirche) and the parsonage

Cruel fate fell to one of the most significant objects of historical center of Odessa — St. Paul’s Lutheran Church