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81/3, Kanatnaya Street. Dwelling building of Pavlovskiy houses complex with low-cost apartments

After completion of the building number 2 construction in the end of 1890s, next year the laying of the building no. 3 — practically twice as big, with L-shaped layout plan, was carried out on the corner of Kanatnaya Street and Orlikova Lane.

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Type of the building: dwelling house, a building of residential complex
Style: eclecticism, Renaissance
Architects: N. K. Tolvinskiy and engineer K. V. Chodetskiy
Date of construction: 1891
Status: local architectural monument
Other addresses: 1, Orlikova Lane

Main facade

General view View of the corner part of the house Facade along Orlikova Lane Facade along Orlikova Lane,30.746511&spn=0,0&output=embed

Yard facade

General view General view

While projecting the new building, Tolvinskiy took the way of mixing the styles of two previous buildings. The building got dripstones above the second floor windows (their corbels are almost identical to the corbels of the dripstonesof the first building) and increased quantity of modeled decor.

Thereby, the construction from the side of Kanatnaya Street obtained the traces of inseparable architectural ensemble, while the facades of the first and the second buildings (along Italian Boulevard) are harmonized with each other in a much smaller degree. Both exterior facades of the building number 3 are very simple compositionally : extreme axes are marked out by superficial avant-corpses, the corner of the building is truncated.

One of the avant-corpses, a view from below

The first floor is worked up with the rustic stone analogous with the rustic stone from the building no.1. The second floor, as it had been mentioned before, is emphasized by dripstones crowning the window openings on corbels.

Solution of the second floor windows

Windows from the side of Orlikova Lane Window of the yard facade

Here semicircular and three-angled dripstones are used, alternating one after the other. The second floor is performed as another quotation of Gonsiorovskiy building.

Window of the third floor from the side of Orlikova Lane

In the piers of the first and second floors the panels in the shape of thin empty frames without decor are placed, giving the facades of the building extra plasticity. End facades are compositionally consonant with the end facades of the building no.1. In the avant-corps, emphasizing the center of the facade plane, with triangular pediments, the windows of the entrance halls lighting are placed.

Avant-corps of the end facade with the windows of the entrance hall lighting

Utility building, adjacent to the end facade

General view General view

Doorways to the entrance hall are arranged on the same axe with lighting windows. The third entrance hall is equipped in the corner, at the junction of wings from the side of the yard. Architectural finish of yard facades is similar to facial ones. Details of interior decoration repeat the previous building, except the elements in the center of the railing scroll.

One of the entrance halls

Railing The element of the railing scroll

Therewith, in the building no. 3 the tiles are used, with which the landings in all the entrances halls are tiled with. In other buildings of the complex tile is absent.

Tiles of the landings



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