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81/2, Kanatnaya Street. Dwelling building of Pavlovskiy houses complex with cheap apartments

In the year 1891, after the death of Gonsiorowskiy, the projecting of the further building of the quarter was already managed by N. К. Tolvinskiy. In the year 1889 was made a laying of the second building which compositionally continued the house of Gonsiorowskiy along the building line of the Italian Boulevard.

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Type of building: dwelling house, building of the residential complex
Style: eclecticism, renaissance
Architect: N. К. Tolvinskiy and engineer К. V. Chodetskiy
Date of building: 1890
Status: local architectural monument
Other addresses: 9, Italian Boulevard

Facial facade

General view Facade on the side of Italian Boulevard Facade on the side of Italian Boulevard Facade along Yamchitskogo Lane (side)

Yard facades

General view Back facade

The building number 2 (the smallest one of all the buildings of the complex) was erected just in one year: in the year 1889 its laying was made and the year 1890 the building was almost finished. The buildingrepresent by a simply compound parallelepiped, has two spacious entrance halls, the entrances to which are located from the yard side.,30.747723&spn=0,0&output=embed

One of the facades of the building is orientated towards the building 1, the second one faces the building line of Yamchinskogo Lane. The central parts of the both facades are marked with shallow risalits crowned with strict triangle frontons. In the risalits the windows for the staircase lightening are built in. The facade along the Italian Boulevard is strictly symmetric and quite modestly decorated. The main compositional role is performed by two risalits with triangle frontons, similar to the side ones.

Upper part of one of the risalits along Italian Boulevard Lower part of one of the risalits along Italian Boulevard

The ground floor is covered by a deep horizontal rustication, two upper floors are rusticated schematically.

Rustication of the yard facade

General view Pier Rustication, framing the window openings of service rooms (back facade) Rustication, framing the window openings of service rooms (back facade)
The piers of the first and second floors between the risalits are flanked by the pilasters without an order, the windows in the risalits are similarly decorated.

Decoration of the window openings of the facial facades (the first floor)

Window of the main plane Window of the risalit

Above the windows of the first floors from the one risalit to another one inclusive a meander is made which to some extent smoothes the dryness of the facade which is almost devoid of any moulded decor.


The entrance halls saved their original railings and marble stairs, window frames and doors in the lobby. The landings are laid with marble plates, many of which are still in perfect condition. The drawing of the stair railings which reminds the ancient ornamental images of the incoming wave, is represented by the rhythm of curls with the round decorative elements in the center of each of them. In all the buildings of Tolvinskiy, these elements are not repeated even if the railings are identical.
In the buildings number 2 and 3 they make a flower, in the buildings number 4 and 5 they represent a simple circle without any decorative luxury.

Central hall, railings

General view of two flights of stairs The last flight of stairs Fragment of the last flight of stairs Sample of the drawing Curl Central element of the curls

From the landing of the second floor a low-cost metal stairs lead to the attic, the analogues of which were quite spread in the buildings of Odessa of the end of XIX centuries (usually installed in the secondary staircases and were almost never used in facial entrance halls).

Service stairs

Railings Central part of the baluster

The vaultings of the entrance halls are flat, supported by the girders. The vaulting of the ground floor is a cross-vaulting. The landing of the ground floor is compositionally separated from the staircase and vestibule by the wide arch bays. In general, the vaultings in all the buildings of Tolvinskiy are identical.


General view (from the side of the staircase) Lightening window
Plates of soviet times



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