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Our goal

The goal of “Architecture of Odessa”, a not-for-profit project, is to create a catalogue of all the buildings of architectural value in the city.  The catalogue will include a history, a description and detailed photographs of architectural monuments and other notable buildings.
The catalogue will be used to support the case for Odessa to be included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites 

Why we need your support

Our volunteers work for the love of Odessa and give their time for free, but with your help we can:

  • obtain the necessary books for compiling the articles
  • buy or receive in kind the equipment we need to complete the work
  • pay for internet and telephone services
  • maintain our website presence
  • pay for transportation costs

How you can donate

You can donate in the following ways:

We invite our donors to supply their name and a short text explaining why you are supporting the project to  We can then include your name in will the list of our supporters.

Without  the participation of these donors, this project would have been impossible:

The Goloborodko Family
Sasha and Dima are making the kind of detailed photographic record which will help future restoration projects.  And if this is not possible, then at least there will be photographs which we can show to our grandchildren and say “look, see, in this house, this courtyard, this doorway, apartment, long ago your grandfather was born and lived”. 
We believe that Odessa will see better times when our beautiful buildings will be renovated.

Anatoly Alexandrovich Labin
Many thanks for what you are doing for our favourite city.  Honour and praise to you.

Labin Anatoly
Thank you very much for what you do for a loved city! You honor and praise.

Rosemary Thomas
I’ve donated because there is a lot to admire about Odessa, but frankly, also a lot of work to do. I genuinely think it’s one of the jewels of European architecture. The Opera House is perhaps the most beautiful in Europe. I’m back in Odessa after having lived here 10 years ago. More buildings have been renovated since then and many of them have been done well, making the city more beautiful. But it’s so important to protect the architectural heritage — not just for Odessans but for all Europeans. This project is part of that picture.

Darya Vladimirovan Melanina

Alyona Sukhova
I love Odessa and the people who share this love with me.

Anna Sebova
I’ve always loved my city.  But, a few years ago, strolling along Uspenska — one my favourite streets — I turned onto Marazlievskaya Street and fell in love with my city all over again. Having my camera with me, I started taking photos of the building I was passing by. But I quickly realised that I’m not a very good photographer. Then, by chance, I found out about a social media group called Courtyards and Cats of Odessa and I really liked it!  But somehow it wasn’t enough.  And then, at last, I saw “Architecture of Odessa” and my first thought was “At last!”.  Here were people who loved this city like I do and I can transmit this love to others through the power of photography!  How could I not support them?!  It’s true that the thought that financial support was necessary didn’t occur to me.  I’m ashamed of that, but now I’ve managed to put that right.

Svetlana Dodoncho
Sasha and Dima.  Thank you for Odessa!

Emil Tochilovsky
Donate from USA!

Elena Levitskaya

Sergei Kudryavtsev
Thanks guys.  You rock! :) Hi there from Moscow.

Andrey Skachek
I want to express my admiration for your purposefulness, your hard working attitude and professionalism.

Natalie Roop

Alexander Formin

Anna Kalanternaya